Attractions Schedule


Dog Show

South Cambridgeshire Dog Training Club are here again to put your dog to the test! Can your best friend win the "waggliest tail" or "judge's favourite" competition?

Lamb National

The Lamb National is the brain child of Bob Hogg and was conceived in 2012 to bring our outstanding Herdwick sheep to country shows and corporate events to show what these animals are really capable of. With their natural ability,deep history of breed and practical appliance we have combined that with great training from some of the best people and most reputable animal trainers out there.

Little Rovers

Back for another year we are delighted that Little Rovers will be here to let your little ones live their dreams and drive their very own mini land rover!


Come to see these magnificent birds and watch them soar

Punch & Judy Show

That's the way to do it.  An oldie but a goodie.  Come along to see the show

Amazing Reptiles

Creepy crawlies and slithering snakes.  Have a look if you dare