Situated in north Hertfordshire near Royston, Tyrrells Equine Clinic is an equine only veterinary practice providing the very highest standard of care to horses, ponies and donkeys. Established in 2000 by principal vet, Jason Tyrrell the practice now has extensive facilities at their clinic for both routine and more involved procedures. For more information about Tyrrells Equine Clinic visit their website www.tyrrellsequine.co.uk or call them on 01763 287744


John Struct


JOHN STRUCT was formed many years ago by Roy Johnson. JOHN STRUCT originally provided agricultural, structural and mechanical services, predominantly to the farming community. Roy's expertise was mainly in grain handling and agricultural machinery, Roy could turn his hand to most things. JOHN STRUCT had a small workshop and excellent team of in-house fabricators and agricultural engineers - which between them, were called to make & mend all manner of weird and wonderful contraptions.

In the late 1980's Richard Allen joined JOHN STRUCT bringing a wealth of Steel Framed building experience to the fold. The company moved from Fyfield, Ongar to Nether Hall in Moreton in 1997 removing the workshop element. In 2009 Roy sadly passed away leaving Richard to take JOHN STRUCT on to a new chapter. JOHN STRUCT predominately focused on all variations of steel framed buildings venturing in to historic barn refurbishment and general building services provision.

Another key milestone in JOHN STRUCT history was in January 2019 when Richard sadly & suddenly passed away. As with Roy, Richard at 71 years old had a wealth of experience and knowledge - Between Roy and Richard, JOHN STRUCT has established a core network of trusted suppliers and contractors and of course an excellent reputation with providing a no-nonsense "one stop shop" service.

After a period of uncertainty Richards son, Mark, has taken over the reigns of running JOHN STRUCT. This third chapter in the JOHN STRUCT history book is currently on the first few pages however, a strong forward order book and a loyal customer and supplier base is supporting Mark to evolve and develop the business. 


Mantles Kia


Your local Kia dealer.

First for Parts, Service & Sales.

Local business specialising in both New & Used cars for 95 years.



Mug Shot



Snacking is all about filling up on flavour as well as keeping topped up on energy throughout the day. We make sure every Mug Shot is packed full of tasty ingredients and our range is full of flavour filled recipes.


There’s no time to hang around when you’re craving something tasty. You can make a Mug Shot in less than 5 minutes. Fill up and get on with life.


Snacks shouldn’t be a guilty treat. They get us through our busy days. Mug Shots are designed to fuel our healthy appetites. They’re low in fat and low in calories so you you can fill up and get on with your day without feeling guilty.


Hmm. Tricky. It’s hot but its quick to make. You can eat it on its own or with other stuff. You can make it at any time of the day or night. Confusing isn’t it? We’ll leave it up to you decide on that one.


Pasta. Rice. Noodles. Sachets. Pots. Lots of different flavours. We want everyone to love Mug Shot’s.


Mugs are, cheering things. We associate them with those little moments in busy days when you manage to grab a moment of time for yourself. We used to think the best thing you could get in a mug was a nice cup of tea. We wanted to go one better. Our big red mug is there to celebrate filling up on life and getting on with your day.


Key Conveyancing Solicitors

Key Conveyancing Solicitors have offices in Northampton and in Baldock, Hertfordshire and are the no nonsense Solicitors Practice that helps you buy and sell property with a minimum of fuss at a cost effective rate. We do nothing other than help people buy and sell houses so you can be confident that we know what we are doing and we will ensure that your sale or purchase will be dealt with in a personal way and that you will be kept informed as to the progress of matter at all stages.



Neville Funerals


Neville Funerals is an independent, privately-owned family company, with a reputation built upon trust and recommendation for over 140 years. We offer a high quality, sensitive and dignified service that is good value for money and our competent and sympathetic staff are always available to help, advise and carry out the wishes of those suffering the loss of a relative or friend. We have funeral homes across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Buckinghamshire and are here to reassure and support you through a difficult time.

NEVILLE. Because there is a difference. www.nevillefuneralservice.com